Allah, Arabic Allah("GoD") Allah is the God for ISLAM islam's holy scripture the Quran."Allah" comes from the Arabic word "elah" - (Arabic) means 'a god' Muslims believe that there is only one true God.Muslims believe that there is in fact only one God.We as Muslims have 99 respectful names for Allah (God).The unique usage of Allah as a personal name of God is a reflection of Islam's

"I believe in the religion of Islam. I believe in Allah and peace."
Those who, should We establish them in the land, will keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate and enjoin good and forbid evil; and Allah's is the end of affairs. (The Pilgrimage 22.41)"
"Truly, Allah loves those who repent, and loves those who care for cleanliness." (Holy Qur'an, Chapter 2, verse 222)

The Quran is composed of verses (Ayat) that make up 114 chapters (suras) of unequal length which are classified either as Meccan
Muslims believe the Quran to be the book of divine guidance and direction for humanity and consider the text in its original Arabic to be the literal word of God,[47] revealed to Muhammad through the angel Gabriel over a period of twenty-three years[9][10] and view the Quran as God's final revelation to humanity.

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